Improving the lives of our clients for over 27 years.

Structural Integration

Our approach to Soft Tissue Therapy provides a unique and supportive process that systematically works to uncover and treat MUSCULAR and POSTURE imbalances that can hinder our ability to move with ease - relieving pain and discomfort.


Our approach to Functional Fitness and Training represents exercises and training structure that work to improve balance, strength, and coordination while also increasing your ability to move freely.

Our classes are designed to promote effective movement patterns - helping you more freely with your everyday activities


Knows that improving POSTURE alignment and balance are essential elements in working towards balance and ease in the body.
Respects the fact that all bodies adjust at a different pace and that changes happen over time, with no two (2) people responding the same way.
Places an emphasis on the importance that no one region works in isolation.
Understands that the inter-connection and working together of all body parts is what creates a ‘whole‘, integrated person.
Fosters self awareness within your movement goals - Building confidence as you progress.