Here are some details that will make your experience a little easier.

In a typical OLOS HEALTH session a variety of techniques are incorporated to introduce concepts of improved posture, function, and maintenance of the body.

A session will primarily consist of Myofascial Release a form of deep tissue massage, which addresses muscular and fascial restrictions. This work may be coupled with movement education, which focuses to address any unique holding patterns that may impact our ability to function and move with ease. Any movement work will be either with the client lying on the table while the therapist guides the movements with hands and words; or off the table with the client standing or sitting, with the emphasis moving to understanding how we can improve how we stand, sit, and walk.

Sessions are progressive so each session shall follow on with certain themes that were introduced in the previous session. This allows for an evolving body to always move forward and upwards.

Pre treatment notetaking

Pre Treatment - In preparation

Some clients feel more comfortable writing things down beforehand. Most people understand why they are coming in for treatment. However over the years we have found that it can be helpful to think of some key treatment goals you would like to achieve. Maybe you would like to improve mobility for when you play a particular sport. Or, relief from a nagging back pain. You may also have some general questions or concerns - please make a note of them in preparation for meeting your therapist.

Your First Appointment - How can we help you?

This is the 'Why' of the session. In what way can we make things easier for you? Your session will include pre session discussions with your therapist. Bring any relevant documentation that you feel will enhance your therapists ability to better understand your situation.

The Session - Your Journey Begins

A majority of the work provided by your therapist will be with you on the massage table. It may be necessary from time to time to have you stand, so as to reassess your posture and progress. However, if you don't feel comfortable with this element, then your therapist will be more than happy to forego this aspect of the treatment.

Post Treatment - Where to now?

While we do not force any schedule upon our clients there are broad yardsticks to gauge how long it may take to resolve certain presenting issues: - Minor Issue 3 - 5 Sessions - Major Issue 5 - 10 Sessions - Complex Issue/s 10+ Sessions