Upper Extremity, Head, Neck, and Shoulder

Integrating the Upper Extremity with the Head, Neck, and Shoulders.

As with all classes with Nicholas, fascial layer palpation and touch skills are embedded within the teaching model. This interactive approach allows participants the opportunity to explore a range of unique pattern characteristics.


The inter-segmental relationships of the Upper Extremities with the Shoulder Girdle is often overlooked when considering persistent, Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Cross Syndrome issues. 
This ‘hands on’ workshop will explore the changes that occur within an open chain inter-segmental relationship that the upper extremity creates, while introducing Myofascial Release techniques and concepts necessary to integrate protocols within a clinical setting.
Quite often taking a body-wide ‘wholistic’ fascial approach can make the difference between therapeutic outcomes. 
The interactive approach allows participants the opportunity to explore a range of unique pattern characteristics.

Practical application of Myofascial Release protocols for:

  • Forearm including deep interosseous fascia.
  • Upper Extremity into Axial Fascial Relationship.
  • Upper Extremity relationship to Scapula.
  • Scapula Fascial Relationships to Axial Complex.

Each Class Will:

  • Apply Myofascial Release Procedures to the relevant myofascial structures.
  • Examine the relevant fascial anatomy of the region.
  • Explore the implications of Tilt & Shift as it relates to the region.
  • Examine Common complaints.
  • Apply strategies to enhance function using Myofascial Release techniques.

Small Class Sizes allow for more 1 on 1 support throughout the day.

The Myofascial Release course that I did with Nicholas was the most relevant and useful course I have ever done. His depth of understanding and experience in bodywork made the course full of useful practical tips that I began to apply with my clients the next week. I still use them today many years later.

My therapeutic work is based on my formal studies in Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Yoga as well as the Myofascial workshops I have done with Nicholas where he has generously shared and revealed the work he has studied as well as his own independent work, which cannot be found anywhere else. He is able to demonstrate his work clearly and then help to further refine the application of that technique so that I really got what he was presenting.

Teaching is a separate skill to doing, and he does well at both.


Dr Tim Hulbert Osteopath, Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher ​