Introduction to Body Reading and Myofascial Release

Introduction to Body Reading and Myofascial Release

As with all classes with Nicholas, fascial layer palpation and touch skills are embedded within the teaching model. This interactive approach allows participants the opportunity to explore a range of unique pattern characteristics.


This foundational hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the Myofascial Implications within Postural Assessment.
Emphasis will be placed on body reading and visual analysis as they relate to the relevant Myofascial interventions, while highlighting the need to develop and foster practitioner confidence and trust – necessary in developing this skill.
The assessment of Tilt and Shift of both the Pelvis and Shoulder Girdle will be explored with an emphasis on developing an understanding of the impact that these Myofascial changes can have on posture and function. 
Direct Myofascial Release and Fascial Unloading techniques will be taught as effective methods of addressing and remediating Myofascial dysfunction. 
Class size is kept deliberately small to allow for more one on one support and direction throughout the day. 

The Participants Will:

  • Explore and demonstrate an introductory application of Myofascial Release and palpation skills to particular issues within the body.
  • Understand basic visual analysis concepts and its relevance in structuring an effective treatment plan.
  • Apply introductory skills of body reading to specific case studies to develop an understanding of the role it plays in setting up a treatment plan.
  • Understand and explore the significance of soft tissue and visual analysis theories to their practice.
  • Protocols will be introduced that can be incorporated directly into your private practice.
  • All participants will receive a handout that supports the theory and practice introduced.

Small Class Sizes allow for more 1 on 1 support throughout the day.