Creating a stable base for all future movement

Why are the FUNDAMENTALS important?

While all activities employ differing degrees of skill, strength, and aptitude, there are some fundamental principles of movement and mechanical design that are true for all ages and abilities.

Our FUNDAMENTALS classes provides a foundation for all future training and treatment needs.

These structured classes are not intended to take the place of a regular training program but are designed to support you in developing an understanding of your own movement potential.

The most important aspect of Functional Training is to master the basics before progressing any movement, resistance, or (in)stability activity.

Our FUNDAMENTALS classes will assist you:
  • Improve your posture
  • Explore your movement and exercise goals in a safe and 
    controlled environment
  • Create a foundation for all future movement patterns
  • Develop practical skills on how to move safely
Why choose OLOS Health?
  1. Small Groups, in our private Camberwell Personal Training facility
  2. Personalised attention
  3. Treatments and training by industry experts
  4. Ongoing support and supervision
  5. Tailored programming based on matching client goals with our unique screening process
  6. 27 Years continuous development.