An important part of your training recovery.

OLOS Functional Training and Myofascial Release:

A Natural Fit!

Whether you are a new student or an experienced practitioner, there are many ways that you can benefit by including our treatments into your movement practice.

OLOS HEALTH and movement approaches both:

  • Understand that alignment and symmetry are essential elements in working towards balance and ease in the body.
  • Place an emphasis on the importance that no one region works in isolation. And that the inter-connection and working together of all body parts is what creates a ‘whole’, integrated body.
  • Respect the fact that all bodies adjust at a different pace and that changes happens over time, with no two people responding the same way.

Why choose OLOS HEALTH?

Improve Posture

Our hands on Myofascial Release treatments work to systematically bring balance, symmetry, and improved posture. This can directly assist the new student feel more ease in the body, while allowing the more experienced practitioner deepen their ability to work through the more difficult poses and exercises.

Increase Performance

You will find that you will use less energy for any given movement and perform movements with increased ease and greater efficiency.

In conjunction with your FUNCTIONAL TRAINING you will find:

  • Improved balance;
  • Increased strength;
  • Increased flexibility;

Enhance Wellbeing

A freer, more responsive body will support you in every part of your life. In conjunction with your movement training, you may experience an increased sense of wellbeing and emotional ease. Combining our Soft Tissue Therapy treatment with Functional Training may assist in reducing stress, while increasing a sense of happiness.

Further information:

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