For those who have experience training.

This 2 hour foundational level class is designed to put you on the ‘same page’ as all who participate at OLOS Health. Participants with prior experience within a structured training environment can bypass our FUNDAMENTALS Course (1 class per week, for 5 weeks), and use this class as a springboard into our studio.

While all activities employ differing degrees of skill, strength, and aptitude, there are some fundamental principles of movement and mechanical design that are true for all ages and abilities.

Our FUNDAMENTALS Program provides a base of support for all future training and treatment needs.

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For those new to training + exercise.

For clients who are new to exercise, or who have not had structured exercise programming then our 5 week FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAM is best for you. These 5, weekly classes, are structured to introduce you to the basics – providing a foundation for future training needs.

Why Choose OLOS Health?

  1. Small Groups;
  2. Personalised attention;
  3. Treatments and training by industry experts;
  4. Ongoing support and supervision;
  5. Tailored programming based on matching client goals with our unique screening process;

For more information go to our FUNDAMENTALS page.