Our Camberwell Personal Training Studio provides a safe and private space from which you can work towards your personal training and wellbeing goals – a place away from the impersonal nature that can come with commercial gyms. As all sessions are appointment, when you attend a 1 on 1 session you are assured to be the centre of our attention.
Our approach provides a strong foundation from which all other exercise, training, or fitness goals can be achieved.

Why Personal Training at OLOS?

Posture + Movement Assessment Screen

Our assessment approach allows you the opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations, while ensuring they match your own attributes and possibilities –  creating a safe and structured training approach.

Undertaking our assessment process is the first step in making a change

We understand that all body types are different, and that no process can be a one size fits all. Therefore, we make it our responsibility to maximise your experience, by matching your needs and expectations with a sound and safe approach to movement.

There are many reasons why you may consider a Personal Trainer

From increasing strength, reducing body fat, and as a way of gaining the confidence to join our group classes to name a few.

Our PT will be able to assist you meet your goals in a safe and supportive manner, at a pace that encourages the necessary change.

Private Studio
Personalised Training Plan

Prefer to train with friends?  Small Group Personal Training

    Why choose OLOS Health?

    1. Small Groups
    2. Personalised attention
    3. Treatments and training by industry experts
    4. Ongoing support and supervision
    5. Tailored programming based on matching client goals with our unique screening process


    Respects the fact that all bodies adjust at a different pace and that changes happen over time, with no two (2) people responding the same way.
    Knows that alignment and symmetry are essential elements in working towards balance and ease in the body.
    Places an emphasis on the importance that no one region works in isolation.
    Understands that the inter-connection and working together of all body parts is what creates a ‘whole‘, integrated person.

    Fosters self awareness within your movement goals – Building confidence as you progress.

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