By working to RELEASE and RETRAIN muscles that may hold or support poor posture patterns we are able to positively INFLUENCE our OVERALL sense of WELLBEING.


Have you ever felt your body tighten and your shoulders sit up near your ears when things are not going too well? Or maybe the stress you feel when a deadline looms and you’re working around the clock.

At OLOS HEALTH we understand that a whole body approach is required to assist in creating a sense of physical wellbeing. It is with this knowledge that we utilize a combination of strategies and techniques to bring ease and comfort to our clients.

Our overall sense of wellbeing is influenced by how freely we are able to function within our bodies. Physical tension and stresses impact how we handle circumstances and may 
seriously impact our ability to progress. At times when we find ourselves slouch or stoop we may well be reinforcing a negative feeling, emotion, or attitude.

Poor posture patterns and muscular tension felt with the body may be assisted through combining Muscular Therapy and Functional Training developed at OLOS HEALTH from over 25 years of clinical experience.